Cylinders, Valves & Accessories

paintline-1No one inventories a more complete line of cylinders and valves for compressed gas applications. From the smallest lecture bottles to the largest storage vessels, from 240 PSI to 6000 PSI working pressure, Kaplan Industries has the cylinder you need! We offer both new and reconditioned cylinders of the finest quality to help provide the flexibility required for you to control your profit margins. We guarantee what we sell! All of our products meet the strictest quality control standards and are in compliance with DOT, TC, CGA, and Military specifications.


paintline-2Unlike many of our competitors, Kaplan Industries is not limited to one supplier or one country for our inventory. Regardless of what might occur in any one place in the World, we can provide you with options. Kaplan has purchasing agreements on four different continents (Europe, North and South America, and the Pacific Rim). This diverse supply chain gives us the ability to buy both Domestic and Imports, insures against interruption in supply, and keeps pricing competitive.


Along with the World’s finest cylinders, Kaplan Industries also provides cylinder accessories: valves, caps, collars, steel and Lexan carry handles, dip tubes, manifolds, six and twelve packs (assembly available).



Additional Parts

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